UFO Symposium In Greensboro

9:04 AM, Jun 29, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC --

As the x-files show used to say..."the truth is out there"
And if you've ever wondered about extraterestial life and ufo's -- nows your chance to chat with the experts.
The ufo symposium is going on this weekend at the war memorial auditorium and eric chilton sat down with one of the speakers recently to hear his story.
Here's eric's conversation with retired air force colonel chuck halt.

The 2013 ufo symposium features many retired military officials and authors speaking and answering questions all day today and tomorrow.
It's all happening at the war memorial auditorium from 9am to 6pm both days.
Tickets begin at $60 and you can find them online or at the door.
We've linked you to their website on ours.
Just look in the links section on digtriad.Com.


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