Decorating With Chris Olsen: 'Cowboy Chic'

2:31 PM, Jun 29, 2013   |    comments
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Decorating With Home and Garden Guru Chris Olsen: (click the video above to follow along).

You know one of the common questions for me is "Chris what are the current trends when it comes to Home Decor - doing inside decorating?"

Well, here is one for you: Western Look!

I mean doing a kind of "Cowboy Chic." Now, you don't want to "over-do It." And here is a prime example.

We're in this house and the room is awesome.
First of all, let's look at the wall coverings.

Here we have a cowhide rug and what's really cool about it is that it's kind of like patchwork - so it looks like Mosaic tiles. It really becomes a focal point.

It draws your eye to the wall - and then with a piece of art in front of it - it looks great.

On this other way, we have another cowhide which is more look.

Then we have the homeowner's picture on it and another picture of a horse - so its kind of a collage of different pieces.

It really does work.
Don't forget about your furniture.
Here, we have an awesome club chair.
It also has cowhide and they recovered it themselves so it is also really easy to do and inexpensive to do. But they also have brown leather that they put on the arms of the chair - so it took away from being say "too western".
And don't forget other pieces of art - you can do contemporary pieces to take away from being "too western".
I also love how they took the sofa - pulled it away from the wall, and put a table between the wall and the sofa. It has all different collectibles that represent the homeowner's style.

We have this cool peace box that Cyndi the homeowner made - and we also have elements of more cowhide and cowboy look which is what his forte is.

Add it all together and we have a great room that is trending right now.

Chris Olsen

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