Burglars Break Through Drywall In 3 Burlington Businesses

10:37 PM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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Burlington, NC - Five Burlington businesses were broken into late Tuesday night, but police say, the burglar or burglars, are using an unconventional way to enter the business.

They aren't going through the doors or windows, but rather busting through the drywall. 

A Sophisticated Pair, Delil Nails, and Elegant Bridal are neighboring stores in the Savannah West shopping center on St. Marks Church Road, and all were burglarized.

Police believe the crooks entered Delil Nails by prying open the front door. Then, they cut through the wall in a back room and entered A Sophisticated Pair. After ransacking the business and knocking down the security camera, the criminals cut through the wall in the dressing room and entered Elegant Bridal.  

Authorities believe the suspects were spooked by the store's motion detectors and exited the building without getting any merchandise. 

WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower spoke to business owners who are still cleaning up after Tuesday's break-in.

"So they cut open the drywall, ripped out all the installation," said Erica Windle, Owner, A Sophisticated Pair. "But they took the time to gingerly place the mirror to the side so they made a huge mess but I guess they didn't want to add bad luck onto their list of crimes."

Erica Windle has not one, but two holes in her walls.

"I just couldn't believe it."

Police believe the crime began next door at the nail salon.

"We had someone break in through the front door, and they took a money bag out of the front desk area, and they tried to take one of our big screen TVs, but they didn't get that," said April Chandler, Delil Nail. 

After stealing $150, Chandler says the crooks cut a hole in the wall shared with Windle's shop.

"As soon as they got into the office, because that is where they came into the store, they must have seen the camera kind of sitting up on the little office shelf area, and they ripped it down, they threw it," explained Windle.

She says they ransacked the office, but didn't steal anything.

"It was just so much of a mess. It was just stuff everywhere," said Windle.

The thieves continued their smash up job by putting another hole in a wall that leads to Elegant Bridal, but that's where the destruction ends.

"They were being very cautious," said Windle.

"It makes us think that whoever is coming into these companies and these businesses are scoping us out," said Chandler.

After breaking into those three stores, police say the crooks broke into Barking Bubbles which is also in the Savannah West Shopping Center.

Police say McPherson Cleaners on South Church Street was also broken into that night. 

Police say this if the twentieth business that has been broken into in the past couple months and authorities believe they are connected. The first crime was committed on April 30 and the last break-in, previous to Tuesday night's, was June 5.

WFMY News 2

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