Winston-Salem Man Says Information Was Compromised At ABC Store

9:57 AM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC - Earlier this week, Greensboro ABC stores stopped accepting debit and credit cards after receiving several complaints from their customers, saying their information had been compromised.

A spokeswoman with the NC ABC Commission said it appears outside schemers hacked into the store's software system.  The Greensboro ABC Board hired a software company to check for peculiar activity and determine where the problem is.

Friday morning, an ABC spokesperson said malware was found on some of their registers. 

ABC says the malware has been removed and additional software has been installed to prevent the problem from happening again.

But a Winston-Salem man believes the problem is more widespread than just Greensboro. 

David Phillips says his credit card information was compromised twice after shopping at a Winston-Salem ABC store.

"If we did not pay attention to our credit card transactions, it would have been the end of the month when the bill came and we'd have been shocked, and more annoyed than we are now," explained Phillips. 

"I discovered that the number was stolen through the Triad ABC store."

He says the first fraudulent charge happened on June 13 just a couple days after visiting an ABC store in Winston-Salem.

"Those were made in West Nyack, New York," explained Phillips.

He squared away the nearly $400 charge with his credit card company and was sent a new card.

"The next time I went to Triad ABC was on the 20th and last night, the 26th, we had more fraudulent charges," said Phillips.

This time, Phillips says the crooks charged nearly $1,000 between a gas station and fabric store in Chicago.

"It makes me angry it happened," said Phillips.

A state spokeswoman confirmed to WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower the Triad ABC stores are receiving complaints similar to Phillips. 

At this point, no one can say definitively Phillips' information was stolen at an ABC store.

The Greensboro ABC Board and Triad ABC Board are two separate entities. The state spokeswoman says they have the same software vendor but says that doesn't mean they use the same system.

She says a handful of other boards across the state have also reported a similar problem. 

This is a developing story. Stay with digtriad for updates. 

WFMY News 2

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