Should Paula Deen Have Lied?

9:08 PM, Jun 22, 2013   |    comments
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Paula Deen has become a topic of national discussion this week as she revealed in a lawsuit deposition that she used racist slurs in the past, leading to a media uproar and the Food Network cancelling her popular TV shows.

All of this, in part, because she decided to tell the truth, when she could have lied. This had News 2 wondering, what is the incentive to tell the truth in a situation where everything can be lost?

Psychologist Nanette Funderburke spoke with News 2 and said watching Paula Deen's collapse could, "teach one person to say, yes, that is why you lie. It could teach another person to say, maybe I need to check myself as I'm going along so that I don't get into these situations in the first place. So, again, that's where you are morally."

Paula Deen is being sued for sexual harassment by a woman who worked for a restaurant she co-owns with her brother, and in a deposition for the lawsuit, when asked if she had ever used racial slurs, she answered, "Yes, of course."

The admittance has put her entire empire on the line, including multi-million dollar product deals with Target, Walmart and Target, in addition to five restaurants.

Funderburke told News 2 that with any decision, there are consequences, saying, "For most of us, I would always say, the truth is a good thing. Just because you tell the truth doesn't mean that all of the consequences slide away for you. There are consequences that come with every decision that we make and even when we make a good decision, there is something that will come after that."

Paula Deen has seen a flood of support since the Food Network announced on Friday they were cancelling her shows.

The Food Network's Facebook page has been swamped with angry fans threatening to boycott the channel, and there is even a Facebook Group called, "Keep Paula Deen on the Food Network."

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