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Boy Scout Leaders Prepare To Vote On Resolution Allowing Gay Scouts

8:56 PM, May 19, 2013   |    comments
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Leaders with the Boy Scouts of America are preparing to vote on Thursday outside of Dallas on a proposal to lift a 100-year-ban on openly gay members.

The proposal states that, "no youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) on the basis of sexual orientation alone."

In the process of writing the resolution, leaders with the BSA conducted what they say is the most comprehensive listening exercise in their organization's history, surveying thousands of people and BSA members across the country.

The results of the survey seem to show a generational divide, as people aged 18-24  opposed the current ban on openly gay members 53% to 41%, while every other age group supported the ban by approximately 60% to 30%.

Ahead of the meeting in Grapevine Texas, a suburb of Dallas, protests are popping up around the country and both sides of the debate passionate about their side.

Jeff Williams, who opposes the ban, said "You get to a point where you don't want gay teachers teaching kids, and you don't want gay doctors operating on you because they may see you naked. I mean, where does it end? Where does it stop?"

Brenda Levy is on the other side of the debate, and said, "We're concerned the policy will change the Scouts, a large number of people with religious organizations may leave the Scouts. We're concerned with the possible undermining of parental authority."

When it comes to the vote, approximately 1,400 members of the National Council of Boy Scouts will vote. The list of members is confidential, which makes it hard to predict how this vote will go.

If passed, the resolution to lift the ban on gay members would go into affect on January 1, 2014.

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