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Pursuing Rumors About Moving The ACC Tournament

5:57 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Do a Google search for "ACC Tournament Madison Square Garden" and you will find rumors are swirling about the tournament eying New York City to host the event. Time will only tell if those rumors are true.

The ACC spring meeting is happening this week in Florida. At the meeting, reporters and coaches started talking about how this crop of teams is one of the greatest in ACC history. As a result, some are suggesting moving to New York City could boost the ACC's profile.

Greensboro already has the tournament locked down for the next two years. Beyond that, the schedule is open.

Fans WFMY News 2 talked to in Greensboro said the tournament belongs here.

"I think people around here love it and the Coliseum has been a landmark since the 1950s for this," Kevin Maurer said.

Herbert Gaines added, "It originated in North Carolina. It belongs in North Carolina. We don't need it to go anywhere else."

John Rutledge said, "I think it would be a shame to move to New York. The history of the ACC has primarily been in the Southeast and has very little history in Northern New England states."

The commissioner of the ACC is not ruling anything out, but he and many of the coaches have praised Greensboro for years.

Well-known high school basketball coach Freddy Johnson has volunteered at the event for years. Some of his players have make it to the tournament. Johnson says the event should remain in the Triad.

"You can drive into Greensboro and see it. It's the number one thing. It's important to all the kids, the players, the fans. I've had very few fans ever say to me they didn't like Greensboro," Johnson said.

Here's another problem with the idea of moving to New York: The Big East is already under contract with Madison Square Garden until 2026.

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