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Activists Want Gov. McCrory To Veto Voter ID Bill

5:59 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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Early Voting

Two Organizations are urging Governor MccCory to veto voter ID legislation. 



"Working America" and "Guilford Stays Organized" hopes more than 10 thousand petitions collected from supporters will push the governor towards a veto.

Just last month, the voter ID bill passed the House.  On Tuesday, activists and staff spoke about problems with the bill.

Starting in 2016, it would require voters to show a photo ID when voting.

Right now, the state board of elections estimates that nearly 500,000 voters might not have a photo ID.

Once testimonies wrapped up,  "Working America" staff headed straight to the Raleigh to deliver the petitions to Governor McCrory's office.


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