Texas Cheerleaders Win In Court Again Over Bible Banners

6:22 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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Should religious messages be on banners at school sporting events? A judge in Texas says it should.

The decision comes after the parents of cheerleaders sued a Texas school district last fall when it banned the signs at football games.

The case was scheduled for trial, next month. But now, the district has 'dropped' its opposition to the signs.

The high school cheerleaders say the ruling is a victory.

The cheerleaders displayed the signs during last year's football season and the district banned them after the Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a complaint.

The organization believes students have the right to express beliefs from the bleachers, or anywhere else but 'not' when dressed in uniforms, representing the school on a football field.

No one can say if this is the end of legal action. The school district is in the process of amending its policy.

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