What To Know When Hiring A Plumber, Contractor, Electrician

5:52 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Hiring the right company or contractor can make all the difference in the money you spend and getting the fix done right. 

Mr. Fix-It,  Tom Garcia, is our expert on this.

"I like to know the people I  invite into my home mean business. So the first thing I look at is their vehicle. Does it have the graphics painted on the vehichle? Or is it simply a magnet? It can be the first indicator of whether these guys are in it for the long haul or not." 

Not ever worker needs to be licenesed, but some have to be.            Plumbers, electrians and heat/AC crews must have a license. Don't hire them without it, warns Garcia.  

"If you're hiring a contractor to build a deck or do some kind of rennovation keep this in mind: if the job is $30,000 or less no license is required.  If the job is $30,000 or more they must have a license."

You can check out anyone's business license number with a search on state websites. And it's not enough for these workers to have a license they need to have insurance.  You shouldn't take their word for it.

"It's easy for them to prove it, " says Garcia. "Most have been asked this and can email you the one page insurance certificate.  You want to check for 2 things:1- liability coverage and 2-workers comp. You don't want them getting hurt at your house and claiming it on your insurance let their insurance take care of it."

And maybe the most important point, never pay in full up front and certainly not in cash.


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