Marine From Greensboro Stationed At Romanian Orphanage

10:37 PM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-- We tell you stories all the time about our hometown heroes in the military. Sometimes it's their rehab battles after they're wounded or when they don't make it home after combat. Now, we have a rare look inside a military operation of a different kind.

We learned about a group of marines making the world a better place by improving the lives of needy children. One of them is SSgt. Joshua Jarman, a Greensboro native.

"They had donations that were given to them such as soccer balls, toys, barbies to certain kids of certain age groups and we helped distribute those out to the children," said SSgt. Joshua Jarman.

"It shows another face of the Marine corp., there's military operations other than war that the marine core participates in," added Jarman.

Jarman and Black Sea Rotational Force 13 have been stationed in Romania since March. This time, their mission is simple. They swapped the realities of war to child's play like tug of war and traded boot camp for summer camp. But it's not only the orphans with a smile on their faces. The Marines get something out of it too.

WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford talked to Joshua Jarman's mother, Cindy Michael.

"He's been to Kuwait once, Iraq three times and then he got to go to Romania this time so it's a softer side of them."

Cindy Michael says her son's mission has changed with this new deployment.

"Keeping America safe, trying to find out who is trying to go against America and now by him spreading America out it is he's finding out and letting the people find out that we are not just war mongers."

Josh Jarman graduated from Southeast Guilford High School and enlisted in the marines a few months later. He joined in October 2001, one month after 9/11.

Josh was married in August. He and his wife live in Burlington. They're expecting their first baby in the summer.

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