Greensboro-Born Singer/Songwriter Writes For Boston

10:41 PM, Apr 28, 2013   |    comments
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Nashville, TN -- Megan Conner is a singer/songwriter working with some pretty big names in Nashville.  She is also a dedicated marathon runner. 

So after completing the Boston Marathon just 15 minutes before two separate bombs exploded, she combined her two loves to help victims less fortunate than she. 

"I finished 15 minutes before the bombs went off. I was absolutely blessed to get through the race and have a great run," said Megan Conner.

She was a couple of blocks away when the bombs went off.  She said she heard the explosions and saw the smoke, but did not see all the of the mayhem.

Still she wanted to do something to help victims who did not finish the race and spectators who were hurt in the bombings.

"I just knew I had to write it. We got in the room on Friday and wrote the song.  On Monday, we called the band in, and we recorded the entire thing from start to finish that day."

Everyone who worked on "Dear Boston" volunteered their time and talent.  The video is on You Tube and Megan hopes you will watch, share and download.

"That is our hope that we can just spread this thing all over, touch some hearts and make some money for Boston."

Click here to read what Megan blogged about that day.  Click here to listen to the video.


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