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Zeek Rewards Refund Site Uncovered By 2WTK, Site Shut Down By Google

10:57 PM, Apr 26, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Tech giant Google is pulling down a website  hosted on their servers  after 2 Wants to Know uncovered exclusive evidence it might be a scheme targeting people who already lost money once with the Lexington based Zeek Rewards. claimed it had a "simple process" to "get your investment back"

Red flag one: Never give out your bank account information

All you had to do was send an undisclosed application fee and personal information -- including bank account details.

Red flag two: Don't trust a company you can't reach on the phone

Over several days 2 Wants to Know called the number listed on the posting.  We even tried texting -- because the site said you could. We wanted an explanation of how it might work, but we never heard back.

Red flag three: Expert thought it was a "scam"

Thinking something wasn't quite right, 2 Wants to Know took the site to Ken Bell, the authority on everything Zeek. A judge put Bell in charge of finding all the Zeek assets and then dividing those up among the people who lost money. Bell says the site's not legit because the only official way to get Zeek money back is through his office.

"To me this looked like another attempt to revictimize those people," Bell said.

He even went as far as saying he thought the site was a scam.

2 Wants to Know gets action

The blog was hosted on a Google run site. 2 Wants to Know took Bell's concerns to Google and within hours it disappeared from the internet. A Google spokesperson would not release information about who was behind the posting, But the Google spokesperson did thank 2 Wants to Know for bringing it to his attention - saying we helped make the internet a better place.

Who you should contact about Zeek

If you're someone who lost money with Zeek rewards and need help getting it back, the only legitimate website is the receiver's. That link can help explain the only process to get some of the lost Zeek money back. 


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