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Kathy Kirse Reunites With Her Family After Finishing Boston Marathon Just Minutes Before Blast

7:41 PM, Apr 16, 2013   |    comments
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Winston-Salem -- Kathy Kirse and her husband returned home Tuesday evening. Kathy finished the Boston Marathon just minutes before the bombs exploded.

On Monday, WFMY News 2 met Kathy's four children. They talked about the emotions they felt on Monday not knowing if their mom was okay.

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Kathy has been thinking about the Boston Marathon for one year. She ran a qualifying race in Virginia a year ago and has been training ever since. After living in Boston years ago with her husband, she knew that running the Boston Marathon would be the ultimate achievement.

Kathy's goal was to finish in four hours. Her time was 3:59:17. She reached her goal but within minutes a large explosion changed everything.

"The bomb, the first bomb went off and turned around and see large billowing smoke. You...I knew immediately that it wasn't good," said Kathy Kirse.

Kathy immediately went to find her husband. They had planned to meet up not too far from the finish line. Dan Kirse was there supporting his wife. When they found each other, Dan had no idea what has just occurred.

"I hug him and I'm crying and I say there were two bombs," said Kathy.

Kathy has tried to separate the feeling of joy from the horror that followed just minutes after she crossed the finish line.

Kathy told WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford, "I was so moved by the thousands of hands that I touched, you know a stranger made a physical bond with me every time I did a high five and that means more."

Kathy Kirse isn't sure when or if she'll run another marathon. She just hopes that this tragedy will make the city of Boston stronger and the event even more special in years to come.

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