Who Would Hit-and-Run? Experts Weigh In

10:52 PM, Apr 13, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - In a period of two hours in Greensboro, two people were hit by a car and in both accidents, the drivers left.

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It's a hit and run and it made us ask the question - who would do that?

Experts say there are two ways to look at it: logically and emotionally.

Dr. Nannettee Funderburk is a licensed psychotherapist and an expert on the emotions.

She says, it this type of situation there if a flight or fight mentality, also known as an emotional hijack.

"In situations where your brain clicks off like that where you have the emotional hijack, your brain goes back to whatever the previously stored pattern is so whatever you've learned to do in an emergency situation or when you are in an 'uh oh, I'm in trouble' kind of situation, that's what you will automatically go back to," explained Funderburk.

She says the decision a person makes comes down to their individual personality.

"You want to look at personal responsibility, will a person take personally responsibility, are they used to taking personal responsibility? Or are they the ones who will at all costs deny that they are the ones who have participated in something?" explains Funderburk.

She says those who would normally take responsibility, tend to be the ones who eventually turn themselves in.

News 2 spoke with police about the other personality type and they say people most likely flee because they are trying to hide something.

Captain Mike Kirk with the High Point Police Department says most of the times they're driving without a license or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

"It's very important to stay on the scene and take responsibility for what you've done. I know it seems like 'Oh, they're going to charge me with this or I'll get more charges,' but if we have to track you down, and you do have criminal history or something like that, the charges could be very severe," explained Kirk.

Greensboro police are asking anyone with any information about Saturday's hit and runs to come forward. You can call CrimeStoppers' anonymous tip line at 336-373-1000.

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