Social Media Saves Lexington Style Trimmings

5:37 PM, Apr 11, 2013   |    comments
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Lexington, N.C. - When construction began on a bridge in Lexington, it almost crippled a popular nearby restaurant. With the bridge closed, it was tougher for customers to get to the restaurant. 

For months, the owner of Lexington Style Trimmings watched the number of customers during the week drop. Owner Mike Swing estimates he lost 40 percent of his weekday business. 

Then, an employee posted a plea on the restaurant's Facebook page. Word spread quick that the restaurant was in trouble and customers started pouring back in to get a bite to eat. 

"She did this behind my back. If she would have come and asked me, I would have said, 'No.' I'm glad she didn't ask," owner Mike Swing said.

At first, Swing was upset, but now he says he realizes the power of social media. Business is now better than it was before the bridge closed.

"I really know nothing about the Facebook deal. But, I will tell you this, it surprised me. I couldn't believe there are that many people sitting around looking at Facebook...I'm sort of like a dinosaur," Swing said.

Customer Gary Hedrick added, "It really helped out because a lot of people didn't realize the problem they were having."

Now, Swing says he has a message for the employee he scolded for posting the plea on Facebook: "I'm sorry for the chewing I gave you."

The bridge is scheduled to open in May.

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