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Montgomery Co. Collects 13,000 Pills During NC Operation Medicine Drop

9:53 PM, Mar 24, 2013   |    comments
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Troy, NC -- Montgomery County took part in Operation Medicine Drop for the first time. They collected more than 13,000 pills in one week.

Three years is all it took to collect more than 30 million types of medicine across the state. Operation Medicine Drop week in North Carolina ended on Saturday. The program started in 2010 but this week was the first time Montgomery County participated.

All they did was tell people to bring their pills, drop them off, and leave. No questions asked. The program worked.

"It's up to over 13,000 pills in one week and that's amazing to know you know, that was just a dent in what's probably in a lot of these homes and throughout the state," said Lt. Jeff Branch, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Branch told News 2 that having old medicine is dangerous for many reasons. They can get into the wrong hands like children or someone could accidently take something.

In home break-ins, the sheriff's office often sees medicine stolen. Thieves are looking for things like oxycontin and hydrocodines, even morphine...all of which the sheriff's office collected last week.

Lt. Branch said, "It don't surprise me to see at least once a day on our report some type of overdosing going on in this county with adults and teenagers so it is a big problem throughout not only Montgomery county but throughout the state of North Carolina."

Lt. Branch is a Montgomery County DARE officer. He said he's most concerned for teenagers and young people. Branch told me kids consider prescriptions drugs less dangerous than other drugs.

Even the DARE curriculum has changed in recent years to address that.

After the success this past week, the Montgomery County sheriff's office wants to hold two medicine drop-off weeks every year.

They're also looking into getting a drop-off box so anyone, anytime can drop off their old medications.

If you need to drop off unwanted prescription drugs, check with your local sheriff's office. Most will take old medicine off your hands any time of year.

WFMY News 2, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

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