Expert Gives Pros And Cons With Paying Student Athletes

12:00 AM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- There's so much money in college sports, it's mind-boggling.

CBS and Turner Sports are paying $11 billion over 14 years to broadcast the NCAA Division I Tournament.

That's more than $780 million a year!

But is it right that they don't get paid for all their efforts?

A new study from the National College Players Association found the average football player at a Bowl Championship Series school had a fair market value of $714,000 above and beyond their scholarship.

And basketball players had a fair market value of about $1.5 million over four years. And that doesn't include his scholarship!

The NCAA says the athletes are students and shouldn't be paid beyond the value of their scholarships.

So we asked Wake Forest University professor Todd McFall, can you really pay student athletes and be fair?

"It would be really hard how much these athletes are worth getting paid, I would probably think there might be some problems with regards to discrimination across genders." he said.

We're going to dig deeper into this debate this week. Check back Thursday for more information on the pros and cons of paying student athletes.



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