Jordan Clark Helped Classmate - Lindsel Thomas - Having Seizure On School Bus

5:35 PM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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  • (L,R) Lindsel Thomas, Jordan Clark.
  • (L,R) Verna Davis - Lindsel's mom, Latasha Clark -Jordan's mom.

Winston-Salem, NC -- On a bus filled with Forsyth County Schools middle school students, something unexpected happened. It wasn't tragic. It was heroic.

A 15-year-old boy stood up, while others sat down. Jordan Clark noticed something wasn't right with Lindsel Thomas, a student on his bus who has autism.

"Nobody else noticed. Everybody was just playing and acting normal," Clark said.

But, Clark knew something was wrong with Thomas.

"He was leaned over in the aisle. His head was almost touching the ground. I kept tapping him and saying 'Lindsel! Lindsel...I was thinking, 'Don't panic. Calm down. You know what to do.'"

Clark told the bus driver Thomas was having a seizure.

"I pulled over. Protocol is that I call control and control calls 911. But, my radio was not working," Bus Driver Jim Foreman said. "So, I turned the bus and went back to Lindsel's house. At the same time, calling 911 to meet me there. All this while, Jordan was caring for Lindsel."

Lindsel's mother, Verna Davis, was still outside her house when the bus came back. "The bus driver was so kind. He said, 'I think your son is having a seizure...I saw this one kid-he was standing right with Lindsel...I couldn't believe how this young man, so young, could do that. He was so calm."

Latasha Clark, Jordan's mother, added, "I'm very proud of Jordan. It just seems like Jordan is always around to help others when they need it."

Now the boys and their mothers are friends.

"We talk on the phone every night. And, I call and talk to her and I check on Lindsel and I often go by the house and check on her. So, I'm very proud of both of these boys. Something good happened on that bus that day," Clark said.

Jordan knew Lindsel was having a seizure because he witnessed a man having one in a parking lot just a few weeks earlier. At a recent School Board meeting, the superintendent mentioned he was proud of Jordan.

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