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Betting On NCAA Basketball Brackets, Is It a Crime, Former Officer Explains

9:12 PM, Mar 17, 2013   |    comments
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WFMY News 2-- Now that the brackets and pairings are out, sports fans everywhere are turning toward filling them out.

But as you play those office pools, remember gambling is illegal in North Carolina.  So WFMY News 2 wanted to know why no one ever seems to get in trouble. 

Former Vice and Narcotics officer Ed Cobbler spoke with News 2's Carol Andrews and says, in his opinion, most police consider this a victimless crime.

Men's 2013 NCAA Basketball Bracket

 "It's really a small form of gambling yes, it still is gambling but I would have to say you could relate it to jaywalking, jaywalking is still illegal on the books but no one is charged for that."

Cobbler said that in his five years as a Vice and Narcotics officer he never saw an arrest.  But he warns that there are things that make you more likely to get in trouble.

"In my opinion it's when you go through the Las Vegas bookies and maybe when there's big money, thousands of dollars that are bet."

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