NC Legislature Passes Bill That Funds Digital Learning Materials Rather Than Textbooks

10:58 PM, Mar 12, 2013   |    comments
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North Carolina -- The state legislature passed House Bill 44, which requires funding for textbooks be used for "digital learning materials" by 2017.

The bill says it's intent is to provide educational resources that remain current, aligned with curriculum, and effective for all learners by 2017.

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A&T Education Professor, Dr. Anthony Graham thinks more technology in the classroom will make learning more personalized and engaging.

"Technology is more dynamic in nature. If the student gets the concept, it's going to push them to the next level. It's going to ask them a more rigorous, more challenging question. Or if a student is not quite understanding the concept, it's going to gear toward where that student is," explained Dr. Graham.

Dr. Graham did see one drawback to eliminating textbooks. It's the limited access to technological tools creating the digital divide. Those without access to technology at home could be at a disadvantage.

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