Ohio Mom Charged With Duct Taping Son's Face As A Joke

1:20 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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Sandusky, OH-- A Sandusky mother has been charged with child endangering after a duct-tape incident involving her son and another child.

Police were called to investigate on Feb. 18 at a residence after a father called police about a photo sent to him by the mother of his son. In the photo, the boy had his eyes and mouth taped shut.

The father texted the boy's mother back that he didn't find the picture funny. He asked police to file a report and asked officers to check on the boy.

When contacted by police, the mother told police she and her son were just joking around with friends and that she and the boy both thought the prank was funny. She says the boy was not harmed and the tape left no marks.

The police forwarded their report to Children Services and the prosecutor.

After investigating further the mother was charged with child endangering for the incident involving her son as well as another child that was taking part in what the mother described as a joke.


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