Blizzard Brings Back Memories Of 1978 Storm

6:08 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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Graham, NC -- People all over the country were talking about the Northeast's impending blizzard on Friday, including folks in the Piedmont.

Kathy Smith and her mother, Carol Phelps, live in Alamance County now. But back in 1978, when another mammoth blizzard hit New England, they lived in Brockton, Mass.

There was so much snow in the Boston suburb, Smith says, that kids were out of school for two weeks.

"We had to walk in the middle of snow taller than me at the time," Smith said of a trip to the grocery story. "[We walked] down the middle of the road to the grocery store. [We] didn't go to school [and we] got to play in the snow, once you could get out in it. It was just crazy."

On Friday, Phelps and Smith shared their memories and looked at pictures of that 1978 blizzard. From cars buried in snow to three-story high drifts, life during the storm was both fun and frustrating for them. Believe it or not, Phelps says she wishes she was back in Brockton for this blizzard.

"If you grow up with snow, you miss snow," Phelps said. "And people in North Carolina are going to say, 'That woman's crazy.' [But] there's something about snow in a winter that is so different."

Even during a monster blizzard, life must go on. Phelps said her husband walked through all that snow to the next town -- four hours round trip -- just to go to the bank.

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