GPD Joines Other Local Agencies in Sending DNA to Burlington Lab

11:45 PM, Feb 7, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Monday, Greensboro Police reported their top crime is theft from a vehicle. Last year, it was reported 2,700 times. 

"In property crimes, there are often very few clues where in violent crime there are typically more," said Deputy Chief Anita Holder, Greensboro Police Department. "Clearance rates for property crime, although we do a better job here in Greensboro than the national average, it's still around forty percent."
To help curb that statistic, GPD will join High Point Police and the Guilford County Sheriff's Office in a DNA sharing partnership.

The agencies will send DNA collected from their property crimes to DNA:SI Lab in Burlington for analysis. The results will be added to a database the law enforcement agencies will have access too. 

"Criminals tend to follow patterns just like most other humans do and so our sharing of the information should lead us to clear crimes much more quickly," explained Holder.

This partnership will allow GPD "for the first time ever to be able to be readily processed from a crime scene on a property crime scene, and compare that with the samples in the database."

DNA samples from violent crimes will still be sent to Raleigh to be processed in the state lab.

The Greensboro City Council approved $125,000 to be used for this type of DNA testing for one year. The tests cost $100 each.

"While we're submitting 100, another partner agency may be submitting 100 as well. So we double the value of money because we are sharing the data," explained Holder. 

The turnaround times for these tests will be 30 days or less.

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