Women In Our State Might Not Be Getting The Whole Truth After Their Mammograms

11:23 AM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- When you go to the doctor you expect them to tell you everything - even if you don't want to hear it. However, for women in North Carolina that's not necessarily the case. Doctors are not legally required to tell women their level of breast density after they get a mammogram.  This is an issue because dense breast tissue can make it more difficult for doctors to see abnormalities or tumors in their x-rays.

This happened to Addy Jeffrey. She is a breast cancer survivor who got yearly mammograms but her cancer was not detected for three years because of her dense breast tissue.  Addy beat her cancer and is using her experience to help inform and educate other women about breast density. She's also working with The Commission On The Status Of Women to make it a law for doctors to inform you about your level of breast density. There are only five states that legally mandate doctors to do this and North Carolina is not one of them.

You can help make this a law in our state by contacting your local Representatives who can fight for this in the General Assembly.

Here's a list of our Representatives in Guilford County with links to their phone numbers and emails:

House Members
Alma Adams (District 58)
John M. Blust (District 62)
Marcus Brandon (District 60)
John Faircloth (District 61)
Jon Hardister (District 59)
Pricey Harrison (District 57)

Senate Members
Phil Berger (District 26)
Gladys A. Robinson (District 28)
Trudy Wade (District 27)

To find your local Representative please click here scroll to the middle of the page and select which County you live in.

































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