100-Year-Old SC Woman Makes Blankets For War Vets

2:23 PM, Jan 21, 2013   |    comments
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Lexington, SC (WLTX) -- "In every stitch that was made she puts her love and thoughtfulness into her work," say Vietnam Veteran Ray Burns.

At 100 years old, Ada Buglino has lost most of her hearing.

"I can't hear to good even though I've got hearing aids."

She's lost most of her sight.

"I was just declared legally blind so I wouldn't drive anymore or anything."

But she's still retained her love for veterans and crocheting. She's made hundreds of lap robes for disables veterans. But Buglino says she likes to make them for anyone.

"If they tell me they have cold legs, I give them a lap robe."

She takes the meaning, "made-by-hand" literally.

"I do them mostly by feel...I make a lot of mistakes but I still do them."

Buglino and Ray Burns go to the same church. He's a vietnam vet who got one of Buglino's lap robes.

"It's of special importance to me because there will never be another one like this, never."

And his friend, Hal Nobles, who's also a Vietnam Vet got one too.

"I've attended parades and events but this is the first time someone personally made me something because I was a vet."

Throughout the years Buglino's blankets have been in the hands of the old and on the backs of the young.

"I lived through a lot of wars, I lived through a lot of things, I saw a lot of changes. There's been so many changes lately, but I guess we have to change with the changes."

But something that won't change is the love people have for her..."Happy Birthday, Ada!"

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