Official: Three Americans Dead In Algeria Attack, Death Toll From Algeria Siege More Than 80

1:03 PM, Jan 21, 2013   |    comments
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Here's the latest information from Algeria on the dead and missing after a bloody, four-day hostage siege at the country's remote Ain Amenas natural gas plant.


   --29 Islamist militants, according to the Algerian government.
   --37 foreign hostages, Algeria says.
   --1 Algerian driver at the plant, Algeria says.
   --Foreign hostages confirmed dead so far include seven workers from Japan, six from the Philippines, three each from Britain and the United States, two from Romania and one from France.


   --Algeria says 5 foreign hostages remain missing, but other governments say that number is too low.
   --JAPAN: 3 Japanese still missing, the government says.
   --NORWAY: 5 Norwegian employees of Statoil remain missing, the energy company says.
   --BRITAIN: 3 Britons and a Colombian who lived in the U.K. are still missing, the government says.
   --THE PHILIPPINES: 4 Filipinos remain missing, the government says.
   --MALAYSIA: 2 Malaysians are still missing, the government says.


   -- 3 kidnappers captured, Algeria says.
   -- 685 Algerian plant workers freed, Algeria says.
   -- 107 foreign workers freed. Algeria says.

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