Tanya's Editorial: Hoping Against Hope When Young Lives Are Lost

6:44 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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(WFMY News 2)-- During our 5pm and 6pm newscasts, we told you the story of Ryan Wood, taken by cancer at 16.

Ryan's friends knew the cancer was probably going to kill him,that soon his smile and his funny way of doing things would be a memory.

And yet they prayed. They hoped against hope. They started a twitter campaign that wrapped around the world emploring others to #prayforryan.

It didn't save Ryan's life. But what it did do is give a group of young people an awakening in the middle of the sadness, there is a joy as they now realize the value of one life.

Maurice Edmonds' friends never saw his death coming. Who would ever think one of their friends would be shot to death? And certainly not how police believed it happened with his mom as the shooter.

Unlike Ryan's, Maurice's friends had no time to say goodbye. No time to show him he mattered, no time. And yet, on Thursday, with a basketball game, they're hoping against hope to show others the value of a life.

Oddly, the comfort in community has its greatest impact when it is tied to loss we cannot put into words. Losing someone you love, changes you.   

I hate these two groups of young people are experiencing this pain.

I am grateful they have found a way to see the hope.

It may be the first time in their lives they have hoped against hope and the first time they see that life and the people around them are precious.

It's a lesson we often only learn from death because we get so busy with "life".


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