Man Crashes Moped Charged With DWI In Wilkesboro

4:32 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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Wilkesboro, NC -- A man in Wilkesboro was charged with his fourth DWI in the past 10 years.

Wilkesboro Police charged the man after getting a call on Monday abut a collision involving a person on a moped. The accident was near Wilkes Community College on South Collegiate Drive.

An officer from the college was with the victim when police arrived on the scene.

After arriving on the scene, officers talked to witnesses who told them the driver of the moped had been driving up and down South Collegiate Drive for 30 minutes before he crashed.

One witness told police that after the moped crashed, he ran over and removed the keys so the driver couldn't leave or drive anymore.

Police identified the victim as Ryan Miller. They said Miller was unable to remain steady on his feet and they smelled alcohol when he talked. Officers had to help Miller walk to the patrol car where they administer an alcohol sensor test. 

Miller blew a 0.33 when they administered the test police said. They offered to do another one but Miller refused.

Officers said Miller admitted to them he had four glasses of vodka, and they found an airplane bottle of vodka on Miller when they searched him.

He was arrested and booked at the jail for Driving While Impaired. Police did a background check on Miller and learned he had three prior convictions for drinking and driving.

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