The Story Behind The Most Popular Christmas Song

6:44 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The most popular secular Christmas song is? You might guess "Jingle Bells". You might guess "Frosty The Snowman".

You might even guess "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer". You would be close with the last guess.

Here's the story behind the most popular non-hymn Christmas song.

It all starts with a name: Israel Isidore Baline. He was a russian immigrant who came to our country at the turn of the last century.

He is still considered one of the greatest songwriters in our history. Baline wrote for the theater, for movies, we're talking hundreds and hundreds of songs. Many people in show business considered Israel Isidore Baline a legend and he wasn't even 30.

In 1942, he wrote for a movie called: Holiday Inn. One song was a last minute add. It started out with this verse:

"The sun is shining, the grass is green,

The orange and palm trees sway.

There's never been such a day

In Beverly Hills, LA

But it's december the twenty-fourth,-

And I am longing to be up north..."

Don't recognize it? Well, Israel Isidore Baline is better known as Irving Berlin. And by now you know the song that starts from it's second verse:

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,

With every Christmas card I write..."

Bing Crosby's version of "White Christmas" is the best selling secular Christmas record of all time. And there have been more than 500 recorded versions of the song, in several different languages.

Thank you, Irving Berlin.










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