Know The Dangers Of Tobacco

12:48 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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At some point you've heard that using tobacco products is harmful to your health. Whether you are a smoker, know someone that uses tobacco, or you want to teach your children about the dangers of smoking, here are some resources to share.

Why is smoking bad?

Smoking causes death - Cigarette smoking is accountable for 443,000 deaths in the US. That means nearly one of every five deaths is from smoking.

Smoking creates health risks - In addition to death, smokers face the risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and a variety of cancers.

Other risks from smoking - Smokers should also be aware of other risks including infertility, stillbirth and sudden infant death syndrome. Postmenopausal women that smoke will have lower bone density compared to women that have never smoked.

*This information was provided by the CDC. For more information, visit their website.

Keep your kids tobacco free.

Kids may choose to use tobacco for a variety of reasons including peer pressure and the "cool" factor. Consider these guidelines to help keep your kids from using tobacco.


  • Have a discussion with them that doesn't make them fear punishment.
  • Talk with them about the dangers and risks of using tobacco. (See above.)
  • Ask them what they find appealing or unappealing about smoking.
  • Encourage healthy habits that don't allow smoking, like sports.


*This information was provided by Visit their website for more tips about talking to your kids.

Quit Smoking

For more information about quitting tobacco products visit the Quitline NC website.

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