Barnabas Network Offers "Warm Beds, Warm Hearts"

7:36 PM, Dec 8, 2012   |    comments
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A local organization donates Sealy mattresses to the families of children who sleep on the floor

Greensboro, NC -- Most of us take a warm place to sleep for granted, but hundreds of Triad-area families don't have that luxury.

That's why the Barnabas Network is hosting its month-long "Warm Beds, Warm Hearts" linen and blanket drive.

"We actually invite the clients to come here and pick out their own furniture, so they have some attachment to what they're receiving," said Erin Stratford-Owens, executive director of the Barnabas Network. "It's not just a blind gift, they have something that fits in their home that they like."

Stratford-Owens says, generally, people come in and ask for beds for their children first.

This year alone, the Barnabas Network has served more than 2,000 families, and Stratford-Owens says the crisis can vary from being refugees, to victims of domestic violence, to victims of foreclosure.

If you know someone in need, don't go directly to the Network to get furniture; they only provide for people referred to them by area agencies.

You can, however, make donations 24-7. For more information on the Barnabas Network, or to find out how to get involved with "Warm Beds, Warm Hearts," visit the Network's website.

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