Triad WWII Veteran Recalls Pearl Harbor Attacks

9:41 AM, Dec 8, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Seventy one years ago, our nation was attacked when Japanese fighter pilots bombed the US Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Nearly 3,000 service members and 49 civilians died in the attack.

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The attack inspired hundreds of thousands of Americans to enlist, including Dr. Edgar Marks.

"I was a senior in college and I was hitchhiking between Greensboro and Durham the afternoon of Pearl Harbor, and when I got to campus, everyone was running around like crazy because they had heard of Pearl Harbor happening. Before the end of the week, most of us knew which branch of service we were going to go to," said Marks.

Edgar Marks enlisted after thousands of people were killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

"Patriotism, at that time, was 100%. There were no questions," said Marks. "I did not know anyone that did not, male, that was healthy, that did not serve and serve gladly."

Marks served in the Army and was stationed in Korea during World War II. He stayed there for twenty months liberating the Koreans from Japanese rule.

"We were very patriotic and we were anxious to get in the fight."

But with the war, came tragic loss. Millions of caskets were sent home.

"I guess I'm still emotional... realizing that so many of my friends didn't make it, and I was very fortunate."

And now, 71 years after so many heroes gave everything, Marks remembers, and honors their lives.

"Realize that real people were in those, they may not be living now, but they were there, they were real, they're just as real as the people we see today," said Marks.

Source: WFMY News 2



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