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$100 Dollar Bill In High Demand

5:36 PM, Dec 5, 2012   |    comments
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Of all the paper currency that's in demand in this economy would you believe it is the $100 bill?

MarketWatch is reporting that the US government printed 3 billion $100 bills in the 12 months ending on October 31. That's according to Nicholas Colas with ConvergEx Group, a chief market strategist.

Colas told MarketWatch, that's 100% more than the average production of $100 bills over the past 5 years, and 50% more C-notes than $1 bills printed in the same period!

Why you're probably asking? Hard cash holds a special place in global finance as the preferred mechanism for drug, illegal arms and tax evasion transactions which means $100 bills are the preferred denomination.

While the use of smaller denomination bills has fallen in recent years with increased use of credit and debit cards, demand for $100 bills appears to be growing.

Part of the sharp increase in the number of $100 bills may be because of delayed production of a newer version of the note, which has had technical problems. So a lot of the newly printed bills may not yet be in circulation.

And, as the , "Over 90 percent of the notes that the BEP delivers each year are used to replace notes already in, or taken out of circulation."

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