In Her Own Words: How A 911 Dispatcher Helped A Couple Deliver Their Baby In A Stokesdale Parking Lot

12:28 AM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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Stokesdale, NC -- The 911 dispatcher who helped a couple deliver a baby early Monday morning in a Huddle House parking lot talked to News 2 about the experience.

News 2's Liz Crawford talked to Niki Hopkins, the woman who was on the other end of the phone.

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Hopkins has been a 911 dispatcher for four years. On Monday morning, she helped a couple and a few Huddle House employees deliver a baby in the restaurant parking lot in Stokesdale.

Hopkins told News 2 it was actually the second time she helped deliver a baby, but this time was a lot more intense.

"It's the first time it happened in the parking lot in a vehicle and for it to be in the Huddle House of all places! I wasn't expecting that call to be coming in from the Huddle House, said Hopkins.

She relied on her very specific training and protocol to coach the caller on what to do next.

Hopkins said, "Most importantly, I wanted to make sure the baby was crying and breathing. If the baby was crying and breathing, that's definitely a good sign that the baby is okay. When the guy from Huddle House mentioned that the cord was around the baby's neck, I got a little scared, I was like we got to get that cord loose."

 At the end of the day, she was happy to be a part of the happy ending.

"Most of the time when people call 911, they're needing our help in a good or bad situation,most of the time it is a bad situation when they're calling for help. This actually happened to be one of the good situations."

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