Family Remembers Short Life Of Baby Allegedly Punched And Killed By Dad

7:01 PM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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  • Khan Lee Frazier. Courtesy Ash Family.
  • Stefany Ash and her son, Khan Frazier.
  • (L,R) Brian Frazier, Cain Frazier, Stefany Ash, Khan Frazier. Courtesy Ash Family.
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  • High Point, NC -- Family members of two-week old baby, Khan Frazier, say they are devastated by the loss newborn whose father allegedly punched him to death.

    Read: original story here.

    While the family continues to mourn Khan, they are fighting to protect another, Khan's 15-month-old brother, Cain.

    The family says the toddler is in a hospital being treated for malnutrition.

    Thursday morning the grandparents, along with the accused parents, Brian Frazier and Stefany Ash, were in court for a custody hearing.

    A judge has decided to keep the toddler in foster care.

    The grandparents say they feel as if they have lost four children: one dead, two in jail and another in the state's custody.

    Sandra Alston, the grandmother, says she was beaming for two weeks after her second grandson was born.

    "It was so happy. It was such a blessed day." she said. "Very happy! Very proud!"

    That joy is now gone and so is her family.

    "There are four lives destroyed. Totally destroyed," Sandra said through tears.

    Dave Ash, the baby's grandfather, could barely hold back his own tears.

    "It's very rough," he said.

    Police found baby Khan dead in his home Tuesday on Kimery Drive in High Point. 

    "All that little baby wanted in this world was food, how can I put food in my mouth? Knowing my grandbaby that's all he wanted was food and instead he got killed," Sandra said.

    Police have charged Sandra's daughter, Stefany Ash, with Accessory after the Fact to First Degree Murder because she allegedly waited ten hours before calling 911.

    "I don't ask myself how we got there. I ask why did we have to get there?" said Bruce Alston, the children's step-grandfather.

    He says he asks "why" because the family says the signs were there.

    "Brian was pushy," said David whose home the couple lived with their children.

    Sandra also says her daughter was in an abusive relationship.

    Brian and Stefany met online two years ago, he moved to North Carolina from Louisiana.

    Sandra says Brian bounced from family member to family member growing up and had a rough childhood

    Sandra's own daughter, Stefany, battled with depression.

    "There's no Christmas for me now," the grandmother said. "There's no redoing. There's no going back."

    Baby Khan's body has not yet been released to the family. Authorities will do so after the autopsy. Brian Frazier is still being held without bond. Stefany Ash is being held on a $1,000,000 bond.

    Adding to this sadness, the family of baby Khan needs help in burying this innocent child. They've set up a fund with PNC Bank in Archdale.

    If you want to help, ask the clerk to add your donation to "Khan's Burial Fund"

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