Louisville In, Maryland Out; How Will ACC Changes Affect Greensboro?

7:01 PM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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WFMY News 2 -- There is another big shake-up in the ACC, with Wednesday's news that Louisville is replacing Maryland. So, should we be concerned about all this shifting, since the Triad is home to the ACC?

The boss at the Greensboro Coliseum says we have nothing to worry about.

"As the opportunity arises, where we can host both the men or women's tournament, it reaffirms this life-long relationship the ACC has with the city of Greensboro. And, I don't think that's ever going away," said Matt Brown, Greensboro Coliseum Managing Director.

"I think the ACC as I mentioned earlier is certainly strong. It's well regarded amongst the nationals. It's going to solidify itself, whether at a 15 or 16 down the road, so that only embraces and enhances our situation here in Greensboro," said Brown.

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