UNCG Student Ashlee Morgan Enlightens Peers About Homelessness

6:08 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Ashlee Morgan's friends didn't know, she was once homeless.

"Honestly, you think of the people you see on the street. I think a lot of people attached a stigma to people, who are homeless," said Savannah Behrent

Savannah Behrent is speaking the truth about the negative comments about the homeless are the normal. That normal changed for Behrent, after meeting her new college roommate Ashlee Morgan.

"It's definitely bringing it home a little more. I never knew someone who was homeless before, said Behrent.

At the age of 17, Morgan was locked out of her mother's home. She blames it on family issues, but she says it didn't get the best of her.

"It's driving me to do a lot of the stuff I'm doing now," said Morgan.

Morgan recalls when she was one of the stick people on UNCG's campus. The stick people represent the 2,634 homeless students in Guilford County.

After she lived through one of the biggest hurdles in her life, Morgan had to listen to other friends talk about homelessness that had no real knowledge of real homelessness.

"It kind of hurts me to hear what people had to say about [homelessness]. I've experienced it," said Morgan.

Now, she is a part of a campus committee that advocates for homeless people. She believes that all homeless people don't have addiction problems.

"It does make it more realistic and it brings back that human element that they are someone's sons, daughters or brother or sisters," said Behrent.

"Yea, I want to share my story, if it helps people learn. I want to give people a face to homelessness. It's not just the dirty people living near a sewer...It could be you, any day. It can be anyone," said Morgan.

If you would like to contact Ashlee Morgan, send her an email at almorga2@uncg.edu.

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