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Veteran To Employers: Give A Veteran A Chance

12:14 AM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- On Veterans Day, we honored the men and women who have risked their lives and time with their families to protect the rest of us.

But many of them come back home, only to struggle finding work.

After 20 years in the Marines, completing every task the United State Military assigned to him and dedicating his life to serve our country, Dan Fischer found himself unemployed.

Not only was it discouraging, but the feeling of rejection was heart-breaking.

"I felt like, 'really? 20 years worth of experience is not enough? You want me to get a college education, just so you can talk to me about the job you'd hire me for?'" said Fischer.

Dan's job search took a year. Eventually, a friend gave him a chance. However, he knows too many other veterans aren't as lucky.

"For us, it's a network of friends. If we don't have that network of friends when we retire or get out, pretty much, we're left to flipping burgers, whatever the first choice comes up because we're not afraid of work. Just what kind of work do we want to do?" said Fischer.

That's why Fischer is now helping other veterans get back on their feet and back to work at Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH) in Winston-Salem.

Along with a place to stay, the team at VHVH is making sure the veterans get the services they need and learn how to market their skills to employers.

Fischer said if anybody survived the military for any length of time, they have the skill set employers are looking for.

He said they're trainable and they're fast learners. Veterans know teamwork and how to work hard. They can multi-task, take orders and follow directions. And Fischer said they've learned other skills during their service that don't always come with a college degree.

"We show up to work on time. There is no excuse. We're not late. We're never late. If we're there 15 minutes early, we're late," said Fischer.

Fischer's plea to employers: Give a veteran a chance.

He said, a lot of employers don't realize that if they hire an unemployed veteran, they're eligible for a tax break thanks to the Hire Heroes Act.

You can also help local veterans even if you're not an employer.

You can donate money to Veterans Helping Veterans Heal, which is as simple as making a donation online at

You can also drop off clothes and food at their facility at 3614 N. Glenn Ave. in Winston-Salem.

If you stop by during normal business hours, you can see what's on the VHVH wish list.

If you'd like to volunteer with VHVH, call 336-744-1313.


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