High Point Bank and Trust Customers Impacted By Sand

12:26 AM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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High Point, NC -- Marion Morrison has banked with High Point Bank and Trust for over twenty years and has never had a problem but for the past couple of days, she says she has had more money in her account than she should.

"I said I'll try mine and I got a surprise!"

A surprise all right-Morrison saw two times the amount of money she thought she had.

"Said nothing about my rent being paid," said Morrison.

Morrison's wallet isn't the only one that's a little off.

Hurricane Sandy flooded the bank's data processing center in New Jersey, delaying the posting of about 3,000 of their customer's transactions.

"Even though we process all of our customer's teller-transactions here at our banks locally, we have a processing site that electronically takes care of those transactions," explained Susan Apple, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking Division, High Point Bank and Trust.

That means deposits and withdrawals aren't showing up on some customer's accounts. Instead, there is more or less money shown than actually should be there.

High Point Bank and Trust is now using a backup data center in Oklahoma and they've all been working to get everything straightened out.

"We have retained all of those transactions locally so nothing is lost out there in cyber space it just hasn't physically posted to their account yet," said Apple.

In the next couple of days, all accounts should be updated. In the meantime, the bank is working to make sure its customers have access to their money, even if it isn't properly posted.

"Because this week is unusual and we know we're dealing with kind of an act of nature that couldn't be avoided, we are going to take care of them and are making sure no fees are charged," said Apple.

In a statement from High Point Bank and Trust, they explain exactly who is affected:

"Electronic transactions, debit card purchases, ATM withdrawals, online bill payments, account transfers, and direct deposits made on October 31 and prior are un-affected. Direct deposits made on November 1 and afterwards are not yet posted to customer accounts. High Point Bank has a record of those transactions, and will honor checks/debits made against those funds. Branch transactions (teller line, drive-thru) transactions made since Saturday, October 27, have also not posted to customer accounts in most cases. Again, High Point Bank has a record of those transactions and will honor checks/debits drawn against funds that were deposited in our branches during the past week.. High Point Bank will not assess any non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees or penalties that are a result of the storm-related data processing delay. We understand that the greatest inconvenience may have been to customers attempting to access their account through use of their debit card at an ATM or at retail and may have been denied due to a branch deposit made over the last week not being available through their card. Customers who require cash for these types of transactions are advised to visit a branch of High Point Bank and make a withdrawal," read their statement.  

Apple says they hope to have the problem resolved by Tuesday at the very latest.

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