Betsy McSparin Crowned Eastern Alamance Homecoming Queen

4:18 PM, Oct 13, 2012   |    comments
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Mebane, NC - Betsy McSparin's hairdresser knows something Betsy doesn't.

"You ought a see this girl get hugs! That's what I know is going to happen. She will be hugging and everyone will be in her curls," explains her stylist, Geri. She sprays more hair spray than usual to protect her work.

"It's beautiful!" said Betsy.

It's a hairdo fit for a queen, and that's exactly what Betsy is, even though she doesn't know it just yet.

Betsy is one of five high school seniors on the homecoming court at Eastern Alamance High School.

She has special needs, but her classmates don't seem to notice.

"They see a happy girl, who is joyful, who is kind, who is loving and that's exactly what Betsy is," explains her mom, Barbara McSparin.

"My whole class voted for Betsy," said Lilyanne Lee, a homecoming court member.

"I did, I voted for Betsy," added Heather Wren, a homecoming court member.

"I voted for Betsy," said Ashley Martin, a homecoming court member. 

All the girls on homecoming court voted for Betsy,  but just in case there was competition for the crown, "I would probably give my crown to Betsy just because I feel like she deserves in way more than I could ever," said Lee.

Betsy says she voted for "them."

In the end, she won homecoming queen and everyone in the stands gave her a standing ovation. It's a salute that's fit for royalty.

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