Woman In Georgia Gives Birth To Grandson

10:54 PM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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WINDER, Ga. -- Last week a Winder woman welcomed her first child into the world. What it took to get there and who helped -- is a rarelyseen story.

Ever since they got married three years ago, Krista and Trent Saxon dreamed of having a child, but they didn't think they would be able to do so.

"My uterus never fully formed," said Krista, "so the [doctor] just told me, because of that, I would not be able to carry.

"That's the mother's job," said Krista before nearly breaking into tears. "So it was just hard knowing I couldn't do that for my child."

It was even harder when Krista couldn't find a friend or family member to offer to be a surrogate -- until someone did.

Angie Stockton is a fully healthy 45 years old; she is also Krista's mother. She offered to carry her daughter's child.

"She would basically just need an oven," Stockton said, "and I knew from Day One that I would serve as that oven."

The official term is "gestational carrier". But with that oven, and with the only egg her daughter could produce, Stockton went through a full pregnancy and, this past Saturday, gave birth to her grandson.

"When he was born and he was so perfect," said Stockton, "to hand it over to them, there's no words to describe it."

"I'm lucky to have such a good mother, who's willing to do anything to help me have the child I wanted," Krista said. "It's just like our family is complete now."

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