Do Debates Matter to Voters After Months od Political Ads

6:22 PM, Oct 1, 2012   |    comments
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The first presidential debate and North Carolina's governor's debates are Wednesday night.

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This will be the first time we see the candidates answering the same questions, back to back, in the same time frame and context. Kenneth Fernandez, the director of the Elon University Poll said the debates will matter more for Governor Mitt Romney than President Barack Obama.

"I think it can matter more for the challenger and I think it can matter more for the person who might be down in the polls," he said.

Ahead of the debate, the candidates are lowering expectations. The strategy is to say the candidates aren't going to be great, that way they can exceed expectations.

"If you sort of change the dynamics and expectations, I think that can sort of exaggerate a personal performance," Fernandez said.

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