Cottage Grove Gets Face Lift Thanks To Greensboro Volunteers

11:14 PM, Sep 15, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Some neighbors in Greensboro's Cottage Grove community woke up to a lot of noise this Saturday morning but they'll tell you they didn't mind because it was the sound of change.

"I think it makes the neighborhood look like it's positive,' said Britanny Henderson, a resident.

About 100 volunteers were busy with chain saws, hammers, drills and paint brushes in the eastern Greensboro area.

The group was made up of professionals from area businesses like Lincoln Financial and Home Depot. Attorneys from the North Carolina Bar Association along with other city employees were also there to help with the Habitat For Humanity project.

"Just seeing the evolution of the neighborhood, how it's getting better, nicer, it really makes you feel good," said Justice Bob Edmunds of the N.C. Supreme Court.

Some of the homes in the neighborhood have seen better days; one across from the Henderson household, for example, has been completely abandoned with an overgrown yard.

The volunteers painted and remodeled some of those homes while another group started work on a new house near the McConnell Road area.

"The house across the street, if you saw it about 2 hours ago, looked much different," said Carolyn McGovern, a volunteer with the Lincoln Financial group. "Just the pain, going from a drab kind of red to a bright grey really makes a difference. I think it brightens the whole street up."

The volunteer effort started earlier this week on Thursday with a community workshop with a national planning and architectural firm called Global Green USA. There, volunteers learned about designing and building green communities.

"Affordable housing has always been an issue in eastern Greensboro; having quality, affordable housing and habitat, we're just trying to do our part," said Matthew Anderson, a construction manager with the Greensboro area Habitat For Humanity.

Experts on site also gave volunteers tips they can use in their own homes like energy conservation and pest control.

According to the Cottage Grove Initiative, the project fits right along with the non-profit group's pledge to holistically revitalize the area.

"I thought it'd be a good way to help out and just contribute to the community. And, also learn a skill that I don't know," Kristy Andraos, one of the weekend volunteers, added.


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