Parents & Guilford County Schools React To McNair Elementary Delays

5:25 PM, Sep 12, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- McNair Elementary delays have grown worse. Last week News 2 was told that the construction of the new school was 90 percent complete. Tuesday night News 2 was informed that the contractor was fired.

Julius Monk, Director of Construction for Guilford County Schools, said that they noticed the work was behind schedule and worked to figure out a "recovery plan."

The recovery plan is what a builder submits to an owner explaining how a job that is way behind will still be done on time. Both the July and August recover plans seemed reasonable to GCS, so they remained "optimistic," according to Monk.

Parents of students supposed to be attending McNair Elementary told News 2 they are tired of all the delays at the school.

LaDavid Foster said, "We don't know what to do. We don't know who to talk to. We went to the meeting they held at the school and they were confused then."

Foster's frustration is also shared by another parent, Warditra Hughes. "I feel like they are lying to all of us and to themselves. I'm sure they knew it would not be open. I think that the fact they're trying to cover it up is making it worse," Hughes said. "Nobody wants to tell you anything. Everybody wants to make it seem like it's all wonderful and all the kids are happy. But, they're not. The kids are not happy. The parents are not happy. The teachers are not happy. And, I'm quite sure the administration is not happy."

Hughes has now moved away from McNair Elementary because she says she wanted her child to attend a school with more stability.

Kim Dobson, another parent, said she just wanted the district to be honest with parents. "Just tell us that we're going to push for next year January instead of keeping pushing the date back. I think that would be better for everybody," she said.

According to GCS, students will not be in the new school by the latest recovery plan date, October 31.

Tax payers are paying for delay expenses from extra personnel, to the recently changed school bus routes, to setting up mobile classrooms at the schools where McNair's 500 students had to be sent.

The district is making a list of these expenses and will submit them to the bonding company to be reimbursed.

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