News 2 Digs Into Farley Associates' History

6:05 PM, Sep 12, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- How could something like this happen? Did the Guilford County School Board not vet the contractor?

Did they forget to look into the company's background to see the red flags?

That's assuming there are any.

News 2's research into the company found no negative leads.

Farley Associates Inc. has been in institutional and educational construction for 40 years.

The company is based out of a suburb of Charlotte, Indian Blind, on the South Carolina side of the border.

In 1998 the company which began as Jim W. Neal Construction Company in 1970 became Farley-Miles construction.

In 1999 ownership changed once again and the company became Farley Associates Inc.

Their website boasts that they are committed to making you more than happy, ensuring that they "exceed all of your expectations through our hands-on approach to detail."

In 2005, Farley built an addition to Rawlinson Road Middle School in South Carolina. 

A spokeswoman told News 2 the school is pleased with the work the company did. She went on to say she doesn't remember any complaints or problems with Farley.

York Technical College, another South Carolina school Farley built had similar reviews about the company.

The construction manager there told News 2, Farley did a great job with the project. They even finished on time and slightly under budget.

A third school, Woodland Heights Elementary, also gave glowing reviews. In a phone interview, an operations manager said they'd hire Farley again in a heartbeat.

To add, the Better Business Bureau has no complaints on Farley, and neither does the North Carolina Board of General Contractors who licensed the company in July 1970.

No one had anything bad to say about this company, not even the North Carolina Attorney General's office.

Which brings us back to the mystery of what happened with the McNair Elementary School project, what went wrong?

News 2 left Trey Farley, the company president, a couple of messages, but we have yet to hear back.

As far as what happens to McNair now, the school district tells us it's up to the bond surety company - that's Hartford Insurance.

We asked a representative about the new plan and schedule for completion, News 2 received an emailed statement which read, "we understand the concerns of the community and school district and are working with the district to arrange completion of the project."

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