Wisconsin Farmer, Calvin Petersen, Survives 8 Lightning Strikes

1:42 PM, Sep 3, 2012   |    comments
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Written By: Boua Xiong, KARE

WEBSTER, Wis. (KARE) -- Calvin Petersen knows each of his cows like parents know their children. He's been a cattle farmer for more than four decades.

"I should quit but I can't. I'm going to be 81. What else would a guy do?" he joked.

Like many farmers he's endured good years and bad years but never a summer this strange.

His cows are spooked. A lightening strike killed nine of his cattle three weeks ago.

"I could see it from the door. I could see four legs sticking up from there on the side hill," he said.

That old saying about lightening doesn't strike twice doesn't apply here.

Petersen also lost 11 other cows in 2002 when once again lightening struck. Lightening also hit a tree in June. Debris barely missed his home. It has happened again and again and again. Petersen says he can recall at least a total of eight times where lightning struck on his farm.

High voltage has followed him his entire life. He says he was struck by lightning while walking to the outhouse when he was ten years old.

"I remember I was coming back and it was storming and lightning I remember just jumping up in the air and wham," he said.

He can't explain why this happens to him but he does have a theory about why this happens to his farm. He said he most of the activity started happening after power lines were buried on his property.

Despite the bizarre incidents Petersen says no lightning could ever strike down his love of cows. However, it does have him re-thinking his future.

"I think the higher power is trying to tell me to quit and let the younger generation farm," he said jokingly.

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