Inside The Mind Of A Hit And Run Suspect

4:54 PM, Jul 10, 2012   |    comments
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GREENSBORO - Not having a license may be the reason behind a a hit and run accident in Greensboro on Tuesday, but what else goes through a driver's mind when they flee the scene of an accident? Duane McClearn, the Coordinator of Criminal Justice Studies at Elon University joined News 2's Tanya Rivera explain the psychology behind a hit and run.

What happens in someone's mind in a hit and run incident?

Naturally, when somebody gets in a car accident, they are apt to experience fear and, perhaps, panic. In this heightened emotional state, their judgment may fail and they may flee the scene. If they perceive themselves to be at fault, they are even more likely to flee. And being intoxicated increases their chances even further.

Who is likely to be involved in a hit and run? What types of personalities?

Young drivers are more likely to flee than old. Males are more likely to than females. People who have a history of driving while intoxicated are also at an increased risk. Certain personality characteristics are relevant. People who are impulsive, who are risk-takers, or who have difficulty in self-control are more prone to flee.

When and Why are drivers more likely to flee?

Hit-and-run incidents are more likely to occur at night and on week-ends.

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