Should You Spy On Your Kids Online? Police Say Yes.

9:45 AM, Apr 27, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Whether or not to track you kids online is something parents struggle with, but according to Greensboro Police Detective J.S. Flinchum, tracking you kids online is keeping them safe.

According to Detective Flinchum, "If somebody is using the internet to send your child inappropriate material, I think it is quite fine to use technology to collect the information, that you can then report to the school who is an awesome resource, or if you know who it is, then going to the parent."

There are a lot of resources available that enable parents to track their children's activity online, on program is EBlaster, and it tracks every activity from usernames and passwords to what is Googled.

Detective Flinchum told News 2 parents should also think about tracking their child's activities on smartphones, as these are one of the primary ways children connect online.

According to a Pew Research Study, sixty-five percent of kids have sent texts during class hours, twenty-five percent have been bullied with texts or phone calls, and fifteen percent have received a sexting image from someone they know.

One program that can track activities online is called Code9 Mobile, it has many features including GPS functions and curfews that disable the phone use at a certain time.

Detective Flinchum emphasized to News 2 that technology is ultimately a good thing because of all the educational opportunities available, and parents should allow their children to use technology, but just as you protect them from danger outside, protect them from danger online as well.

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