Alamance County Man Uses Spreadsheets To Play Lottery

10:45 PM, Mar 30, 2012   |    comments
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Burlington, NC -- An Alamance County, who considers the lottery his "hobby", says he's figures out the pattern to the winning numbers.

"Even though it's all random, I know it's completely random, still, there seems to be a pattern sometimes and I try to follow that pattern. And I get lucky," said Monte Wall, who lives in Graham.

Wall has never won the jackpot, but he has won several hundred dollars on tickets, even a couple thousands.

Wall has matched all four numbers for the Pick Four lottery game several times.

"If you're going to play something, you want to have a good time at it. And that's what I try to do. I try to make it interesting instead of just throwing numbers down. I like to feel like I contributed to me being my own winner," said Wall.

Wall is a math man. He said he keeps tabs on all of the lottery numbers on Excel spreadsheets. He crunches the numbers and tallies the winners to see which numbers are picked and when.

He plays what he says are the winning numbers every day.

With his winnings, he's bought new televisions, fixed up his house, paid bills and of course, reinvested it.

"Because if I'm going to put out $5, I win $15. I might as well reinvest it. I'm ahead," he said.

Wall says he considers himself a gambler, but he takes a gamble every day he walks outside of his house, so he might as well try to make something off it.

Wall still has a day job. He says he really only spends about an hour a night working on the numbers.

He spends $10 to $14 a day on lottery tickets.

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